Friday, May 24, 2024

Revisting 2 prescient articles written by Alessandro Machi of Sportscam Detective in December of 2022 regarding Steven Kwan, and Michael Brantley.

This article

and this article,


are the kind of articles that allow me to be grateful for being an independent thinker who has never been paid for an article. My Steven Kwan article, if followed, would have saved the Guardians 50 to 100 million dollars long term if they had never signed Josh Bell to a 32 million dollar deal, and had instead invested in Steven Kwan's long term future as a Guardian after his first gold glove season. 

My other article about Michael Brantley displays my other talent, connecting dots. I pointed out that Michael Brantley signed a Grady Sizemore number of at bat incentive style of contract that is the WORST kind of contract for an established veteran coming back from an injury to sign. 

Sure enough, 2023 would be Brantley's final season in baseball. I don't follow the Astro's closely enough to know if Brantley either came back too soon in 2023, or, early on realized he signed a bad contract and lost interest in baseball as a result. Brantley did say he wanted to spend time with his kids, so he has a built in alternative reason. Yet the case can be made that incentivizing at bat thresholds for an established veteran athlete coming back from an injury is insulting, and ineffective.

One need not look farther than the amazing year that David Fry is having in 2024 while having one half the at bats of an everyday player, to see that incentivizing number of at bats matters less than the quality of at bats. 




Los Angeles Emmy winning Producer Alessandro Machi combines his editing, camera and observational skills to provide unique insights into the World of Sports.

Thursday, May 23, 2024

David Fry's first two seasons in Cleveland are statistically identical, except for one big difference.

 David Fry's 2 years as a Cleveland Guardian.


What is thoroughly statistically fascinating about comparing David Fry's 2023 statistics to 2024 is how virtually identical the plate appearances, stolen bases, doubles, home runs and RBI's are, yet the overall stats show a remarkable improvement that 5 extra singles are not enough to increase OPS by .333. 

The reason the similarity between 2023 to 2024 is so fascinating is when one looks at batting average, OBP, Slugging, and OPS, how radically improved David Fry's 2024 year is from 2023 (and 2023 was solid for a first year player who never played regularly). What is the missing statistical ingredient?

The missing ingredient is a remarkable improvement in walks to strikeouts ratio. In 2023, Fry had 8 walks and 30 strikeouts. In 2024, Fry has 19 walks and 22 strikeouts. When multiplied by a factor of five to equal a 550 at bat season, this translates into a gain of 50 walks.

Never have I viewed a stat comparison example that clearly and concisely shows how an improvement in the walks vs strikeouts category while every other statistic is basically identical (except for the 5 extra singles in 2024); can produce such a lopsided offensive statistical improvement. 

Simply reducing 30 strikeouts to 22 strikeouts while increasing 8 walks to 18 walks in barely over 100 at bats literally creates a .333 increase in OPS, enough to raise a batter's statistics anywhere from 50% to 80% when compared to all Major League Batters, and all it took was increasing one's walk total by 50 over 550 at bats.



Los Angeles Emmy winning Producer Alessandro Machi combines his editing, camera and observational skills to provide unique insights into the World of Sports.

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Comparing the top paid player between the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Guardians, and Cleveland Cavaliers.

When I compare the top paid player for the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Guardians, and Cleveland Cavaliers, only 1 of the 3 warms my heart.

DeShaun Watson was traded for and the price was very high, both in draft picks and also in salary, and the longevity of the contract was basically for 4 and 1/3 years.

Donovan Mitchell apparently is biding his time until he becomes a free agent so he can go to the New York Knicks or maybe the Los Angeles Lakers. Trading for Mitchell also required giving up several first round picks and a bunch of talent in the other direction that has flourished.

And then there is Jose Ramirez. Jose signed a solid deal, probably left 25% to 30% on the table by not having his services bid on by multiple teams, and no players were traded to keep him.

I hope both Guardians fans AND Guardians ownership respect Jose's window of greatness and try and create a World Series push while Jose is in his prime. This push wold require trying to get Josh Naylor to back up Jose, with the hope that other young talent matures quickly enough to put a solid offense and defense on the field. 

Here's wishing Shane Bieber also goes along with the plan.

Los Angeles Emmy winning Producer Alessandro Machi combines his editing, camera and observational skills to provide unique insights into the World of Sports.

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Cleveland Browns 2023 season ends, planning for 2024 begins, Browns have a secret weapon for 2024.

Before discussing the Cleveland Browns 2024 strategies, a quick review of the Cleveland Browns vs Houston January 13, 2024 playoff game is in order. While Houston totally dominated the 2nd half, there was a play in the first half that seemed to change the flow of the game. An obvious pass interference call against Houston was not called, Flacco even looked up to the review booth and waited for a review that never came. Browns punted, and what was a 17-14 game was suddenly 24-14 in favor of Houston when both teams had been trading scores prior to this strangely ignored and unreviewed pass interference call.

Flacco has a desperate gear he will invoke when the game looks dangerously close to being lost. We saw it in the game where the Browns rallied and would have tied the score with about 5 minutes left in the game except the extra point was missed. What would have been a tie turned into Flacco throwing a desperation interception on the next possession trying to get the game tied again.

We basically witnessed the same situation once that pass interference call was not called. However, it should also be noted not having Nick Chubb finally caught up with the Browns, as did not having their best secondary defender available, and Amarie Cooper not 100% for this game, all of these key losses made a difference. 

However, there is something the Browns could do for next season to notch up their offense a gear. I'd like to see Dorian Thompson Robinson line up from the running back spot every so often. I think DTR in the backfield along with a second running back might have wreaked havoc against the Texans defense. Although DTR is going to need to put on some muscle this off season so he can be tackled when he does decide to run without fear of injury.

Flacco pitching, or not pitching the football to DTR still allows for all kinds of creative offensive options which most likely would have opened up the running game to go along with what still was an effective wide receiving game. Instead, once the running game was shut down, Flacco managed to squeeze one pass between 3 Houston Defenders, but soon after there were TWO, not one one, but TWO interceptions for touchdowns by Houston Defenders which probably does not happen if the Pass interference call had been called, or if DTR was available to play and play out of the backfield as a second pass and run option as a way to freeze the Houston Defense in the 2nd half.

Early in the season I had suggested using DTR as a gadgets play QB for specific situations and the Browns ended up trying this strategy a couple of times. I regret it took watching this playoff game loss to realize DTR in the backfield every now and then could be a potent offensive strategy to invoke whenever the running game is thwarted.

I wish Flacco could be brought back as a second option, with DTR in the backfield part of the time, for whenever Deshaun Watson needs a break. The idea of the 16 game QB has for the most part become a myth. Having a second option at QB that also uses 2 QB's from time to time could be the elixer that helps keep everyone healthy for a possible 2024 playoff run. I don't understand the QB eligibilty rule, but I have heard that teams can only have 2 QB's available per game, if that is true, I think it is time to change that rule. However, DTR could always be listed as a running back as a way around only being allowed to use 2 QB's per game.

Los Angeles Emmy winning Producer Alessandro Machi combines his editing, camera and observational skills to provide unique insights into the World of Sports.

Saturday, November 25, 2023

Why the Cleveland Guardians and Jose Ramirez should meet with Shohei Ohtani's Agent and discuss a one year deal with the Cleveland Guardians.

If Shohei Ohtani signed a one year, 2024 deal with the Cleveland Guardians, the Guardians would instantly have one of the most intriguing middle of the order line-ups with Jose Ramirez, Shohei Ohtani, Josh Naylor, in all of baseball.

However, Bo Naylor delivered a plus .800 OPS as a rookie, and two more rookie prospects, Kyle Manzardo and Chase Delauter combine with Gold Glove winning Steven Kwan and Andres Gimenez to give the Guardians an offense that should improve by at least 1/2 to 3/4's of run a game, while their starting pitching could prove the deepest in all of baseball, instantly making the Guardians a 2024 World Series contender.

What better way to elevate Shohei Ohtani's value for the 2025 season than by being the catalyst that lifts the Guardians to a World Series appearance in 2024 after a down 2023 Guardians year.

Surely the Guardians, with a painfully low payroll, could afford a one year, 40 to 45 million dollar offer to Ohtani.  The Guardians visibility and attendance would dramatically rise in 2024  and along with their low payroll to begin with, should enable the Guardians to handle a one year deal with Ohtani. Heck, the Guardians previously signed Josh Bell to a 32 million deal covering 2 years. I'm sure Ohtani at 40 to 45 million and then a young outfield prospect the following year at 750,000 is not that outrageous of a commitment to make.

I find it disappointing that all we hear about are the perennial high payroll teams going after Ohtani when it is a small market team like the Guardians who could afford a one year deal which in turn resets Ohtani's market value for a long term deal that would follow after 2024. 

Ohtani may not pitch in 2024 and if he does pitch at all, it might be down the final stretch of the season as a set-up man, which would be quite a high profile accomplishment were he to pitch as a set-up man during the 2024 playoffs. The Guardians have all the pieces in place for a 2024 World Series run were Ohtani to sign with the Guardians.

Ohtani recognized Jose Ramirez at the 2023 All Star game and spent some time with Jose, so its not as going to the Guardians would finally provide Shohei Ohtani a playoff run while resetting his value for the 2025 season.

Los Angeles Emmy winning Producer Alessandro Machi combines his editing, camera and observational skills to provide unique insights into the World of Sports.

Saturday, September 30, 2023

Welcome to Baker Mayfield 2.0 as Deshaun Watson plans to play through Shoulder pain versus the Baltimore Ravens.

Here we go again, it's Baker Mayfield 2.0 as Deshaun Watson laughs off a sore shoulder  so he can play against the Baltimore Ravens in game four of the 2023 season. 

Going back in time to 2021, what was never reported about Baker Mayfield except by Sportscam Detective is that Mayfield insisted on starting every game after Case Keenum proved he could win. Case Keenum and D'Ernest Joshson combined to run off the final 5 minutes and 12 seconds of the fourth quarter clock against Denver, choosing to not score even though the Browns were inside the 10 yard line with Johnson moving the ball at will. 

The 5 min 12 second 4th quarter game ending drive by Case Keenum and De'Ernest Johnson was a wake-up call to Browns fans, who year after year have had to grimace through late game penalties, interceptions, dropped throws and missed field goals, when what they really wanted to see was a nice, long drive to run out the clock. Keenum and Johnson's performance was cathartic, and something that apparently motivated Mayfield to ensure Keenum did not start another game until the final game of the 2021 season, which Keenum also won.

Mayfield started every game after the Keenum led Denver victory while playing with multiple injuries. Perhaps the 41-16 Shellacking the Browns and Mayfield gave Cincinnati emboldened Mayfield to continue to play though the pain. Although it should be noted that it was the Browns defense that converted a potential Cincinnati Touchdown into a 100 yard Denzel Ward Interception return, a 14 point swing on one play, plus a 70 yard Nick Chubb rushing touchdown that turned what could have been a close 27-23 game, into a 41-16 route.

It appears the Cleveland Browns have gone from a young QB star who at that time had narcissism issues, to a veteran being paid so much money he has to take the field every week to justify his contract.

Whereas with Baker Mayfield it was Baker not giving a Veteran a chance to help Baker heal and the Browns keep their momentum, now it will be the well paid Veteran not allowing a rookie, Dorian Thompson-Robinson, who has all the skills to run an offense competently enough to win games with the NFL's top defense, to be the back-up that allows Watson to properly heal.

The Browns are once again in a lose lose situation. If they allow Deshaun Watson to be Baker Mayfield 2.0, we will witness a team that most likely falls short while their well paid, star QB plays at less than 90% of his ability as he plays through nagging injuries that take their toll. 

However, if the Browns convince Deshaun Watson to let his back-up take the load off, then people will wonder why the Browns paid so much for a Veteran who needs help from his back-ups. 

Ironically, Dorian-Thompson Robinson is listed 3rd on the Browns QB depth chart, when he has all the makings of a Justin Herbert, a QB who stepped in as a rookie and did a very competent job.

Browns coach Kevin Stefanski is reliving Baker Mayfield all over again, only in reverse. Stefanski is the one who has to step in and assure Watson he is the QB even if Watson has to take a week or two off to heal from one mild injury before the mild injury manifests into additional injuries.


Los Angeles Emmy winning Producer Alessandro Machi combines his editing, camera and observational skills to provide unique insights into the World of Sports.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Terry Francona, Manager of the Cleveland Guardians, gives Cleveland Sportswriters the "It's me, not you" speech for temporariiy retiring after the 2023 season.

The couple of times I have heard Terry Francona talk about allegedly retiring, I hear something different than what the Cleveland Media and the Fans are hearing. 

The Cleveland Media and Cleveland fans are hearing, "Terry Francona is retiring, we have to give Mr. Francona the biggest, best send off ever". 

What I hear when Terry Francona speaks about retiring is something entirely different. I hear Terry is so frustrated at his current health situation that if his surgery or surgeries go well, and if he feels good, and if he is bored sitting at home, he's coming back in 2025 to manage an MLB baseball team.

Terry knows it would be unfair to ask for a full year off, so he won't, but if Mr. Francona were given the option to come back to Manage the Guardians in 2025, Mr. Francona would most likely accept that option.

If the Guardians make a Terry Francona tribute statue, they should consider putting it on wheels so it can follow Terry to his next managing gig.


Los Angeles Emmy winning Producer Alessandro Machi combines his editing, camera and observational skills to provide unique insights into the World of Sports.

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Cyclist wins "Watch where I'm Going" Defamation Lawsuit against the Father of the child he contacted to the ground.

As a self proclaimed video forensics expert (who has earned his stripes), I can explain how the judge got their defamation ruling incorrect in the video below.


The key is as much in the audio as in the video. The cyclist, coming up from behind, failed to slow down in a safe manner. He seems to be saying "watch out, watch out, watch out" as he approaches. 

Apparently the Judge has ruled in favor of the "Watch where I'm going" Defamation lawsuit filed by the cyclist over being "defamed" by the showing of the video when all he alleges doing is watching out for the welfare of the young child by speeding up from behind and then using his outstretched knee to create a safe space between himself and the child.

One important job for any judge to consider when deciding standing is, was anyone acting illegally, or without good judgment. If the Judge had considered if anyone was acting illegally, or without good judgement, the cyclist's defamation lawsuit would have had no merit for the following reasons...

1.  Cyclist was traveling too fast when coming around a blind turn. What if someone had slipped and fallen across the pathway, his speed would have been too great to control his bicycle in a safe manner.

2.    Upon taking the blnd turn and seeing a common obstacle in the roadway known as people walking in the roadway, Cyclist kept pedaling, actually picking up speed as he approached the obstacle known as people in the road.

3.   Without having enough time to assess the situation as to why there was an obstacle in the roadway, Cyclist used the equivalent of a car horn, his voice, to yell "watch out, watch out, watch out", or as can be referred to as the "Watch where I'm going" Defense.

4.   After violating the safety of the above three conditions, the cyclist zoomed by the obstacle in the road known as a young child, unexpectedly nudging the victim to the ground as a way to ensure no contact was made with his accelerating bicycle and the previously stationary child now falling towards the ground after contact.

5.   The verdict should have been, cyclist failed to maintain a safe speed and control of his bicycle while assessing and navigating roadway pedestrians, and therefore has no right to any form of empathy, right to sue, or compensation.

The Victims should be counter suing....

1.   The child was put in a no win situation when the cyclist yelled out "watch out, watch out, watch out" from behind her where she could not see him approach. 

A.   If she had gone to her right, she would have possibly suffered life long injuries if the front of the bicycle had hit her from behind.                                                 

B.  If she had stayed where she was, she gets knocked to the ground without advance notice of any kind, 

C.  If she had gone to her left, she would have avoided any contact. The child basically had a 1 in 3 chance to avoid contact with someone who she could not see because they were behind her.

2.   The child will forever have a memory of standing still, and suddenly being hit to the ground by a stranger she never saw coming, just a violent hit to the child's upper body that knocked her to the ground.

3.  The Father will forever have a memory of helplessly watching his child be struck, in front of his eyes, as he stood by and filmed it, most likely producing PTSD type memory of the event.

4.  Getting therapy for his PTSD by raising public awareness of the incident, the Father was further damaged and harmed by the defamation lawsuit and the judge now further victimizing the Father by proclaiming his guilty and culpable when  he did not initiate the series of reckless acts that led to the defamation lawsuit.

What should happen,

The judge should recognize there were extenuating circumstances and give the cyclist a choice, be found guilty of reckless handling of a bicycle that resulted in harm to a child and the child's parents, and the public who has viewed the video...


The Judge should offer the cyclist a choice, either publicly apologize and agree to do a public service announcement cautioning the public that speeding by human obstacles can be dangerous and should be avoided, 
a $10,000 restitution fine and payment to the Family he sued for all legals fees on both sides, for bringing the defamation lawsuit to court.



Los Angeles Emmy winning Producer Alessandro Machi combines his editing, camera and observational skills to provide unique insights into the World of Sports.

Monday, August 7, 2023

Cleveland Guardians and Major League Baseball needs to rethink their Minor League Development Strategy.

The Cleveland Guardians need to rethink their minor league Strategy. One year ago, the Cleveland Guardians brought up FIVE outfielders from the minor leagues. One year later, and All FIVE are playing in the majors, 3 of those 5 outfielders, for other teams.

The irony is while 3 outfielder from last year are playing in the majors for three other teams, the Guardians had to resort to picking up on waivers an outfielder waived by the team with the second poorest record in the entire major leagues.

The question has to be asked, when a team has a lot of talent percolating in the minors, does it make sense to keep drafting wave after wave of new players when it causes players who have been developed for five or six years to be traded for younger talent? It's as if the constant need to move experienced and still improving minor league players for younger prospects is creating talent voids when too many injuries occur.

If I understand correctly, a player with six years of minor league experience has to be let go, or promoted to the major league club where they will have to put in 3 more years at the MLB minimum of around 700,000.

Can a major league club offer to pay a minor league player the major league minimum, or, MORE than the $700,000, and let their minor league talent percolate at a fair wage in the minors until they are needed in the majors? The three Guardian's  outfielders who had to be traded or be lost for no return are all making the major league minimum. 

Isn't it possible that at least one or two of the three would have happily taken a 2 year, 2 million dollar total contract to remain in the minors just in case the Guardians needed them to come up to the majors?

The three Guardians outfielders who are in the majors may, or may not, hold on. Two are doing well, one is scuffling. But, if the two who are doing well have the dreaded sophomore jinx enter in their second year, they could end up being traded and suddenly carry the label of fourth outfielder for life.

The concept would be cost effective. As a team decides to give long time valued minor league players special designation, they could simply decide to not draft as many players, thus using the cut in minor league drafting obligations to reward their top minor league talent.

Why is this concept needed? Because Cleveland fans just witnessed a veteran player who had not played first base in 10 years, bobble back to back game ending throws that bounced before reaching him and the Guardians ended up losing the game they were leading 3-2 entering the ninth inning.

As if that disappointment was not enough, the Guardians then picked up on waivers an outfielder who was released by a team with the second worst record in all of Major League Baseball.

The idea of designating top talent with a minor league / major league value contract as a way to extend their viability is something some minor league players would welcome, and right now, so would the Guardians.

(Oct. 1, 2023 update). The two veterans picked up by the Guardians afforded themselves well. Meanwhile, Nolan Jones sits at 19 home runs, 19 stolen bases, and 18 outfield assists for the Colorado Rockies, in just over 100 games as a Rockie.) end of update.


Los Angeles Emmy winning Producer Alessandro Machi combines his editing, camera and observational skills to provide unique insights into the World of Sports.

Saturday, August 5, 2023

How the Cleveland Guardians misguidedly "respected" Amed Rosario out of Cleveland, who now appears to be thriving with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

August 6, 2023 9:34 pm update. Twitter update on Amed Rosario getting 9 RBI's in his first 8 games as a Los Angeles Guardian.  end of update.

As a Cleveland Guardians fan, I have voiced my reservations about how Amed Rosario was used in Cleveland, REPEATEDLY, VOCIFEROUSLY, and on numerous occasions on a Cleveland Guardians Facebook forum.

My two primary concerns were, Amed Rosario might be better suited for second base rather than shortstop, and due to Amed Rosario's high hit count and low walk rate, should have been batting anywhere from 4th to 6th in the line-up.

Once Amed Rosario settled into the two spot around the middle of April 2022, he was never tried anywhere else in the line-up. 

A term I have come up with, OBP spread, denotes the amount of points separation between a Batting Average and On Base Percentage, pointed to Amed Rosario batting further down the line-up because his OBP spread was too low to be batting second in the line-up. A low OBP spread means a player gets more hits and less walks than the average MLB hitter.

Based on the premise that scoring in the first inning is critical to winning more often, a greater OBP spread means the batter is getting more walks. A first inning walk from the first or second batter in the line-up is an excellent way to set up the first inning for the 3,4, and 5 batters. Batters who don't walk much are basically wasting their only hit of the game if they get that hit as the first or second batter of the game when a walk would basically serve the same purpose. In 2022, Rosario's proclivity to make contact and not walk led to Rosario having more more GIDP's (19) than walks (17) when Rosario batted second. The GIDP more than walks stat is a serious tactical issue since the runner on base being doubled up was a fast runner with base stealing capabilities. 

As Rosario's offensive stats accrued, it became oddly clear that the sight of a base runner on first trying to steal second resulted in Amed Rosario swinging to "protect" the runner even when it appeared the runner had second base stolen due to a great jump. So while Rosario's offensive stats with a runner on first were below average, Rosario's batting average with runners on first and second, second and third, second, or third, were all higher, in some instances a hundred points higher than when a runner was just on first base. 

Questions that may never be answered include, Why were the Guardians reluctant to see if Rosario, and his high hit count, high GIDP, and low walk total might work better further down in the line-up when the odds of runners on second, or second and third, were more likely, and the odds that there might already be two outs, would possibly mean no increase and even a decrease in the number of GIDPs by Rosario as compared to batting second, while providing Rosario with more RBI opportunities.

Another question, Why wasn't Rosario tried at second base since it was known that Andres Gimenez was terrific at both second base and shortstop whereas Rosario was not seen as being as good defensively at shortstop as Gimenez? Perhaps Rosario's speed would better translate at second base.

Was the desire to keep Rosario intractably locked in at shortstop, and second in the line-up, due to Rosario's close friendship with Jose Ramirez? My theory is the Guardians wanted to show Amed Rosario 'respect' by locking him into the second spot in the line-up, and locked in to shortstop next to Jose Ramirez, even if it was not the ideal scenario for maximizing Rosario's abilities.

In less than a weeks worth of games for the Dodgers, Rosario has hit in multiple spots in the line-up, and is even playing at second base. Rosario's offense overall has been a boost for the Dodgers as the Dodgers have probably realized Rosario's high hit / low walks output plays better later in the line-up rather than in the second spot. 

It appears the Cleveland Guardians "respect" for Amed Rosario in Cleveland led to average results, but has caused his value to spike the moment he became a Dodger and was suddenly free to play multiple positions and hit later in the line-up. Perhaps locking a player into one position and one spot in the line-up can become a misguided form of respect when the player's contributions are not being maximized.



Los Angeles Emmy winning Producer Alessandro Machi combines his editing, camera and observational skills to provide unique insights into the World of Sports.

Saturday, April 22, 2023

How an almost NCAA Football Championship Winning QB's stock has Allegedly fallen because he doesn't play video games well.

I bet if I could look at the "S-2" video test that CJ Stroud allegedly tanked I would figure out why it is a flawed test. Perhaps the test can isolate QB's who are going to be great, while missing others who are also going to be great. In other words, If a QB takes the Video game test and passes with flying colors, then it is a nice security blanket for a team interested in the QB, to rely on. If a QB does not do well on the test, it just means the team does not have that particular security blanket, and that's all it should mean.

Just how close did CJ Stroud come to willing his team to a victory against Georgia and setting up an NCAA  Football 2023 finals match-up between OSU vs TCU? When Stroud made that spectacular 35 yard scramble that brought OSU to just barely out of field goal range with time running out, he most likely was exhausted. But his coach did not know what to do at that point and the team frittered away the next 3 plays, barely gaining a couple of yards. This in turn caused the Field Goal kicker to over kick the ball and shank it left.

Stroud has done too many good things in his career at OSU to be red flagged by a computer screen. My only reservation would be that because at the NFL level the game moves faster, maybe that is what the S-2 test is able to simulate. None the less, I look forward to seeing CJ Stroud prove the S-2 does not separate the real men from A.I.


Los Angeles Emmy winning Producer Alessandro Machi combines his editing, camera and observational skills to provide unique insights into the World of Sports.

Saturday, April 15, 2023

The Strange case of the 2023 Josh Bell signing by the Cleveland Guardians.

Last season, both before and after the All Star break the Cleveland Guardians had a team .700 OPS. The Cleveland Guardians needed at least a .730 to .740 Team OPS to be a true World Series contender in 2022.
But, there is a but.

It wasn't the lack of home run power that was causing the team OPS to fall short. What actually happened is the Guardians would have elevated their second half team OPS to a .730 to .740 OPS of 2022, if not for the second half OPS collapse of Jose Ramirez because of a hand injury. Ramirez still managed around a .770 OPS in the second half, which was way below his well over .900 first half season OPS. But Jose Ramirez aside, several other positions under performed in the post All Star Break 2022 OPS category for the Cleveland Guardians.

Despite Straw, Naylor, Miller and the catching position all hitting well below a .700 OPS in the second half of 2022, the Guardians still managed a .700 OPS in the second half of 2022 because of the improving performances of Kwan, Gonzalez, Gimenez, Ramirez and Rosario all being above the .700 OPS threshold.
The signing of Josh Bell that replaces any of the aforementioned 5 core players who all hit well over a .700 OPS after the All Star Break is not only a wash, it also means money that could have gone for signing pitching went to fill a hole that was easily filled from within the organization. 
Unfortunately, Josh Bell has basically replaced Oscar Gonzalez's at bats, therefore it is a wash in production, but definitely not in salary. Additionally, unlike Jose Ramirez, Josh Bell will not win games with super human base running effort. Jose Ramirez has already had at least 2 breathtaking slides and plays at home plate that probably less than 10% of all base runners would either attempt, or be called safe if they did attempt. 
The other thing that is disconcerting is a player can hit 30 home runs and still produce negative offense! If only Bell ran like Jose Ramirez. It will be interesting to see if the Bell experiment on a team built for speed will prove a success. Sportscam Detective is of the opinion the experiment will look good on paper, but not as good in reality. As a base clogger, Josh Bell needs another power hitter hitting behind him to drive him in with all the walks he will get. The only other true power threat appears to be Mike Zuninio, who is just as slow. 
I think unless Bell and Zuninio are in tandem one after the other in the line-up, there will be no improvement worthy of the investment put into Bell, the further irony being it will also mean the Guardians will deprive two prospects each of 300 at bats each, finding out.

Los Angeles Emmy winning Producer Alessandro Machi combines his editing, camera and observational skills to provide unique insights into the World of Sports.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Did improved Football Helmet Technology contribute to Damar Hamlin's grave injury?

The goal to make NFL Helmets increasingly stronger may have played a role in the Damar Hamlin's grave injury. Irrespective of what is being said, if Damar Hamlin's type of injury has never come up before covering ten's of thousands of games over the past few decades, then one has to consider what is relatively new over the past few years.

I personally don't think that COVID or the COVID vaccine played a role. So what else is relatively new? Improved helmet technology has been an ongoing quest by NFL. The NFL has even run commercials touting the new and improved helmets. 

A couple years ago I made a series of youtube videos discussing the issue of targeting in the NFL / NCAA....that if helmets keep being made stronger and shock absorbent, it may actually make NFL players feel "safer" using their helmets to make tackles. Ironically, in this instance it was the ball carrier who was able to use their new age helmets to try and break free for a few extra yards, striking Mr. Hamlin in the chest area. Ultimately, making helmets indestructible may encourage football players to lead with their helmets both on offense and defense.

I had suggested making helmets out of some type of collapsible, shock absorption material. The moment of impact between a reinforced helmet and either another reinforced helmet, or a human body, is still a lose, lose scenario. Helmet collapsibility is the key to increased NFL / NCAA football technology safety.

Los Angeles Emmy winning Producer Alessandro Machi combines his editing, camera and observational skills to provide unique insights into the World of Sports.

Saturday, December 31, 2022

The Ohio State Buckeyes versus Georgia Bulldogs 2022 Playoffs, keys for Ohio State to win or lose.

It's 4 hours and change before the OSU vs Georgia 2022 playoff game starts, here are the keys to the game.

If Ohio State has 2, but preferably 3 healthy running backs rotating playing time throughout the game, OSU has an excellent chance to win.

If Ohio State has 2, but preferably 3 healthy running backs rotating playing time AND C.J. Stroud is able to occasionally leave the pocket and scramble for at least one first down per quarter, OSU should win.

Give Georgia a 7 point advantage every quarter that CJ Stroud does not scramble for at least one first down, and the OSU running game is down to one running back.

Notice I have not mentioned the OSU passing game. The OSU passing game will ideally work when the Georgia secondary has to pay attention to the running game, and, an occasional CJ Stroud scramble for gain. 

If all we see is CJ Stroud stay in the pocket, this could be a very long game for OSU fans. The OSU wildcard is the health of their running backs and CJ Stroud keeping the Georgia secondary honest with a few successful scrambles throughout the entire game.

I am very disappointed the game is not on ABC or Antenna TV. This anti Free TV movement for major sporting events is a horrible trend that all major sports are following.  Hopefully some of the major advertisers will step up and fight for free TV for sporting events of such importance. 

Quick update, 50 minutes later. KABC in Los Angeles is showing INFOMERCIALS during the day on what used to be the most intense day of NCAA football for the past 30 years. I think there was ONE college football game on Saturday, Dec. 31, 2022. Wow.

Looks like I'm going to have to get something productive done, lol.

This post received ONE view, lol.

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Thursday, December 22, 2022

Michael Brantley signs same type of deal that may have prematurely ended Grady Sizemore's career.

It surprises me that Michael Brantley just signed a virtually identical deal to the one that probably contributed in a negative way to Grady Sizemore's baseball recovery from his surgeries his last season in Cleveland. I call these total at bat contract incentives for players coming back from surgeries taunting type of contract. Contract incentives based on total at bats that accrue in rapid fire order once a recently injured and now recovering ballplayer reaches 400 at bats or more are defective in my opinion.

The problem with this type of total at bat incentives is it forces the player to believe they are 100% from day one of the season. 

What if a ballplayer needs the first couple of months of the season to be fully ready and during those two months they take every third day off, maybe do pinch hitting on that third day? Just like that Brantley's cushion is gone for meeting his at bat incentives. The at bat incentives basically force the player to believe they are 100% from day one of the season and if they have to go on the I.L. for any reason, it just puts too much pressure on the player going forward to contribute without feeling like they personally failed.

Ballplayers like Brantley and Sizemore may try and go 100% from day one so that they can take time off later if needed once the dog days of July and August arrive.  Playing too much too early is one of the worse things a player coming back from major surgery can do. 

The irony is cruel, in order to meet total at bat contract incentives, a player coming back from surgery has to play full time in the cold when the reverse makes more sense, get up to speed with health as the number one goal, then when the summer months hit, make a decision that does not focus on how many missed at bats the ballplayer has left during the hot, summer days.

Michael Brantley experienced heat stroke once in Minnesota while playing left field when he was with the Guardians.  The solution is so obvious its painful to give it away for free. At bat incentives should be based on MONTHLY at bat totals, not total at bats. This way a "recovering their strength" ballplayer can see the prudence in starting slower in April and May so they can ensure their regular workout routines are not being compromised by trying to play every game early on.

In Brantley's case, his 2022 incentives should have been been based on 70 at bats in April, 80 at bats in May, then 90 at bats in June, 90 for July, 90 for August, 80 for September. The total is still 500 at bats, but each incentive is not pinioned on totality of seasonal at bats, so the ballplayer can ramp up health wise without feeling like they have failed if they need more rest early on in the season. 

What is also superior about monthly at bat incentives is if Brantley reaches his total for the month by the 27th of the month, and its either raining during the next game, or very hot, Brantley can take the game off and be available for pinch hitting without feeling like he is losing ground towards his at bats total incentives. Plus, one down month does not jeopardize any other incentive but that specific month. The monthly incentive method is so superior to these insipid at seasonal bat totals one has to wonder why nobody has ever thought of it before Sportscam Detective came up with it.

As for Grady Sizemore, Grady Sizemore did resurrect his career after leaving Cleveland and he even signed another incentive laden contract with Boston. But Sizemore's final season hiccup in Cleveland may have been adversely affected because Grady Sizemore tried to play every game early on. If Grady Sizemore had been given monthly at bat incentives rather than total at bat incentives, the pressure to reach his at bat contract incentives would have been removed, and that is always a good thing for players who already play the game with an intensity that does not need to be amped up any further, especially when they have to build their strength back up during the season.


Los Angeles Emmy winning Producer Alessandro Machi combines his editing, camera and observational skills to provide unique insights into the World of Sports.

Thursday, December 8, 2022

MLB Cleveland Guardians might be squandering their best chance to sign Steven Kwan long term at an affordable cost.

While there is always the possibility that a rookie with a tremendous season may not continue to excel as time goes on, Cleveland Guardians left fielder Steven Kwan, barring injury, probably will continue to excel. 

Other than Kenny Lofton, Steven Kwan may be the most prolific lead off hitter the Cleveland Guardians have had in 50 years or perhaps even much longer than that. Now combine excellent fielding and laser accurate throws to any base and Kwan's over all value is above and beyond expectations.

Kwan's numbers over the final 110 games (aka June 1st, 2022 through part of the first week of Oct. 2022), were basically equivalent to Kenny Lofton, who has received Hall of Fame consideration.

 Steven Kwan was paid the major league minimum in 2022 of $700,000, Kwan has two more year of minimum salary eligibility. Year four would be his first arbitration year and his salary would probably rise to around 5 million. Year five and Kwan's salary could rise to 9 million, and in Kwan's final year of arbitration his salary could rise to 14 million dollars. 

All told, Steven Kwan could make around 30 million dollars by the end of his sixth year as a Guardian. However, the majority of that money, 23 million, is still five years away. Kwan does have a propensity to play all out and there were a couple of times where Kwan hit the stands in foul territory so hard he temporarily looked like a compressed cartoon character. Thankfully, both the cartoon characters and Steven Kwan decompress after impact. 

So there is risk for the Guardians pre-paying Kwan now for an overall discount later. For Kwan, with the right investments, a higher, front loaded contract could offset the next two years at $700,000 for a higher overall salary payout later, AND since the front loaded contract is guaranteed, Kwan can focus on baseball without thinking about his contract or some type of career ending or compromising injury.

What if the Guardians offered Steven Kwan 3.5 million a year for the next five years, a 17.5 million dollar investment along with a repeater option at 13 million a year for the following five years with a 5 million dollar buyout option. The Guardians are basically risking 22.5 million guaranteed for a chance to have a prolific defender and lead off hitter in their line-up for the next 10 years.

If the Guardians wait another year before deciding to offer Kwan a long term deal, Kwan only has one more year left at $700,000 before he can go to arbitration and start collecting at least 4 million for year four with the probability of even larger increase for year five and then for year six.

Yes, there is risk for the Guardians to offer Steven Kwan 3.5 million a year for the next five years, but the chance to have a repeater clause for an additional 5 million means the Fans can enjoy having a fan favorite in left field for the next 10 years rather than talk of trading Kwan after year four to "maximize" trade value.

The Guardians just signed Josh Bell to a 33 million dollar two year deal even after Bell had a prolific two month slump after he was traded to the playoff contending San Diego Padres.

Sportscam Detective previously proposed a front loaded contract for Jose Ramirez before the start of the 2022 season when it appeared Jose would be traded. Although Guardians ownership somewhat followed up on what was proposed here, Ramirez's contract fell slightly short of a true front loaded deal. Ramirez's deal basically ignored the two remaining years on Jose's present contract and front loaded those 2 years enough to get Jose Ramirez to sign on for five more years plus the two he already still had a lower amount.

Unfortunately, Jose Ramirez makes the most money on his new contract over the final two years of his 7 year new deal, when it is possible his athleticism may have diminished, just another reason the contract should have been either front loaded, or balance loaded, (my new term), in which every season is the same amount so in his final two years Ramirez's contract does not look like an albatross towards team payroll.

Getting back to Kwan, now is the time to invest a modest amount for someone who should continue to thrive and even get better.

Los Angeles Emmy winning Producer Alessandro Machi combines his editing, camera and observational skills to provide unique insights into the World of Sports.

Saturday, November 19, 2022

OSU and Michigan Fans should be rooting for both teams to win their final game before the 2022 OSU vs Michigan match-up.

A funny thing happened on the way to the 2022 Ohio State vs Michigan match-up. It turns out the best case playoff scenario for both Ohio State and Michigan is for both teams to be undefeated heading into the final game of the season between Ohio State and Michigan.

OSU fans who are rooting for Illinois to defeat Michigan the week before the 2022 OSU vs Michigan game should use their college education and think it through again.

If Illinois beats Michigan, Michigan's barely possible path to the playoffs is to beat OSU which would give Michigan the tie breaker over OSU and a path for Michigan to back into the number four playoff spot.

The same scenario holds true for Michigan fans who want to see Maryland beat OSU one week before the 2022 OSU vs Michigan game. If OSU loses to Maryland then a one loss OSU team must beat Michigan to both gain the tiebreaker over Michigan and to also have a chance to rebound in the ratings and slip back into the playoffs in the four spot.

However, if both OSU and Michigan are undefeated when they play each other, it is possible that both teams can still make the playoffs. In other words, if both teams are undefeated when they face each other both teams may be able to make the playoffs no matter who loses as long as it is a well played game by both teams.

For those who disagree, let us not forget the years when Alabama or Georgia would lose against each other yet both would still make the playoffs.

Here's rooting that both OSU and Michigan remain undefeated going into their final game of the 2022 regular season against each other.


Los Angeles Emmy winning Producer Alessandro Machi combines his editing, camera and observational skills to provide unique insights into the World of Sports.

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Steven Kwan, the Sultan of Swingle.

The Cleveland Guardians Steven Kwan has become the Sultan of Swingle. Kwan's amazing start to his major league career began as a no chance spring training invitee who ended up not swinging and missing at a pitch during spring training. 

Proving spring training was no fluke, Kwan made the Guardians opening day roster and energized the entire team into believing in bat contact. Kwan did not swing and miss at any pitch during his first several dozen at bats. 

Kwan then experienced a dramatic down slope to his budding career. Kwan's Awesome April turned into a Miserable May as he began launching sharply hit fly balls after hitting the first home run of his career.

After the league adjusted to Kwan, Kwan re adjusted to a league that was annoyed at his ability to extend almost every at bat to an annoying amount of pitches, Kwan's June and July have been terrific.

I'm not sure what actually separates Kwan from being an actual .310 hitter or better and a player competing for a batting title other than his ultra bad month of May. 

Kwan's monthly batting average stats for 2022 so far are 

.354 in April,  

.173 in May, 

.341 in June,

.288 July 1st, through July 22, 2022.

For all the above reasons, Sportscam Detective is hereby naming Steven Kwan the Sultan of Swingle, which sure as heck beats being the Sultan of Wind Sails, if you get my drift.



Los Angeles Emmy winning Producer Alessandro Machi combines his editing, camera and observational skills to provide unique insights into the World of Sports.

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Jose Ramirez has an achilles heel, and both times his teammates picked him up with 4 run rallies in the final inning of each game.

Other than Jose Ramirez's thumb occasionally flaring up because of the perpetual beat down he applies to incoming pitches due to his ability to make contact with virtually any pitch, Jose Ramirez is a complete ball player.

In the past Jose Ramirez has occasionally had trouble with baseball squibbers that require a barehanded catch and throw while charging in from third base.

However, in June of 2022 and within the span of one week's time Jose Ramirez has twice mispositioned himself on plays at third base where a base runner is barreling into third base while Jose waits for a throw from the outfield. In both instances Jose anchored himself in one particular spot and was either out of position to make the tag, or out of position to make the catch the throw. Both times the throws were basically perfect but the runner was safe each time.

Incredibly, in both instances which were both against the Minnesota Twins, Ramirez's improper foot positioning led to three runs being scored when the inning would have been over in one instance, and in the other there would have been two outs and no one on.

Even more incredibly, both of Ramirez's defensive mistakes led to the Cleveland Guardians scoring four runs in the last inning of the game to secure two come from 3 runs behind victories.

The reason I created this blog was to raise awareness about Sports moments that just don't get noticed in the heat of the moment but are news worthy. 

Here's hoping Jose takes some fielding practice on better foot positioning when he has a runner barreling in on him and he has to catch and apply the tag.

It would truly bum me out if this defensive fielding "quirk" of Jose Ramirez's is not corrected and comes back to bite the Cleveland Guardians down the stretch or in the playoffs were they to reach.


Los Angeles Emmy winning Producer Alessandro Machi combines his editing, camera and observational skills to provide unique insights into the World of Sports.

Friday, June 24, 2022

Minnesota Twins Catcher Gary Sanchez FOOLS EVERYBODY and helps nail a runner at home in crucial game against the Cleveland Guardians.

For the second night in a row, Gary Sanchez made a heads up,  game changing play against the Cleveland Guardians. In the Wednesday, June 22nd game, Sanchez made a spectacular hook slide at third base and was safe on a play in which the throw beat him by a full second. Even the Twins announcer was convinced he was going to be out by a mile and said so, and then quickly recanted his statement when Sanchez was called safe. However, no one correctly called what Sanchez did a tremendous hook slide. These little things do matter and when they are missed the game of baseball misses an opportunity to celebrate its own nuances. It's tough enough trying to understand the difference between a sinker, slider, curve, 2 seam, 4 seam, at least lets celebrate the hook slide when done to perfection.

Fast forward to the next day, June 23, 2022, and Sanchez pulled the perfect ploy in a base loaded, one out situation that helped prevent the Guardians from achieving their third straight late inning come from behind effort against the Minnesota Twins in Minnesota.

In both instances, Sanchez was assisted by Gio Urshela. In the Wednesday game, Sanchez's hook slide prevented an inning ending out at third base and Gio Urshela followed with a 3 run home run to give the Twins a temporary 10-7 lead that the Guardians would overcome in the ninth inning to win 11-10.

In last night's Thursday's game with the bases loaded, one out, and Franmil Reyes at third base, the infield was playing in to prevent the Guardians first run from scoring which would have tied the score at 1-1  in the seventh inning. The Guardians batter hit the ball to Urshela and Franmil Reyes looked like a track star running / lumbering down the third base line first by taking a walking lead and then running hard on contact.

And then a funny thing happened,
Urshela bobbled the ball and the double play to end the inning was not going to happen. Reyes was almost halfway down the third base line while Urshela was scrambling just to grab the ball he just booted. It looked like the best Urshela could do was throw to first for the second out of the inning with Reyes scoring from third on the play, runners on second and third, two outs and the game tied 1-1.

But there was Gary Sanchez, cool as a cucumber, just standing on home plate, his catcher's mitt limp at his side as if the play was going to be to second base and then to first. The pitcher also seemed just as disinterested as he sauntered off the mound. Meanwhile, Franmil had no idea the ball had been misplayed by Urshela. 

Franmil looked at Sanchez just standing nonchalantly on home plate. Sanchez's relaxed stance seemed to influence Franmil into thinking the play was at second and then first. 


Franmil then quickly looked from a disinterested Sanchez ahead of him to  an equally disinterested pitcher to his left and apparently ASSumed the throw was going to second and then to first for either an inning ending double play or the runner would be safe at first and his run would count whether he ran hard all the way through home plate, or not.

After looking at a disinterested Sanchez and an equally bored pitcher, Franmil slowed down the final couple of steps before home plate. Suddenly Sanchez (maybe that should be Sanchez's nickname) came out of his catatonic pose and instantly caught the ball for a force out just barely ahead of a now sauntering Reyes reaching home plate.

What type of Physics is it called when people create their own reality? Franmil Reyes mistakenly thought the play was was either an inning ending double play or he would be safe at home whether he ran hard through home or not. In an odd sort of way Franmil got his "version of reality".

Considering Reyes started to move on the pitch and had a decent lead off from third base and did run hard on contact, Reyes probably would have made it to home in 3.20 seconds, instead, it took Reyes 3.5 seconds because he was tricked by Sanchez and the pitcher's nonchalance into slowing down just a couple of strides before he reached home plate, and that additional .3 seconds was the difference between being safe at home and suddenly the bases remain loaded with still only one out and the score tied, versus the reality of there now being 2 outs, runners on second and third, and still trailing in the game 1-0.

Sanchez and the pitcher did such a great job of acting NOBODY from either broadcast crew noticed, so unfortunately the tandem clever baseball deking by Sanchez and the pitcher is not part of the game recap when it should be, nor will any of the Sports Reporters covering the game mention it either.

There is some serious high IQ going on between Urshela and Sanchez on a daily basis, and in this instance the pitcher also played a pivotal role. 

As a Guardians fan, if this play had happened in the 7th inning of the 7th game of the World Series, it would probably be the most heartbreaking play a Cleveland Guardians fan could ever experience, so I guess I am grateful if it had to happen (it should not have ever happened), it happened during the regular season and hopefully will not be replicated during the playoffs, presuming the Guardians do make the playoffs in  2022.

Los Angeles Emmy winning Producer Alessandro Machi combines his editing, camera and observational skills to provide unique insights into the World of Sports.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Now this IS a HOOK SLIDE by Minnesota Twins Catcher Gary Sanchez!

Cleveland Guardians vs Minnesota Twins, June 22, 2022. Jose Ramirez fooled at third base by a Gary Sanchez hook slide. The result is devastating for the Cleveland Guardians as the next hitter, Gio Urshela, hits a three run home run to give the Twins the 7th inning lead, 10-7.  Hook slides are rarely done and are rarely done correctly. In this instance Gary Sanchez's hook slide was perfectly executed.


Steven Kwan made an absolutely perfect dart throw to Jose Ramirez, but for some reason Jose got caught flat footed not realizing a hook slide was the one slide that would allow the base runner to elude Jose Ramirez's tag. Instead of the inning being over, the inning continued with runners on second and third and two outs and the next batter was Gio Urshela, who hit a way too inside pitch (props for hitting it out) for a 3 run home run to break a 7-7 tie and give Minnesota a 10-7 lead.
Game update:  Down 10-7 in the ninth inning, the Guardians scored 4 runs in the ninth to secure the come from behind victory, and of course, Jose Ramirez was in the middle of it with one of several key ninth inning hits.
Guardians used a ninth inning no out bunt from one of their most clutch late inning hitters, Andres Gimenez, to move the lead runner from second to third, and the next hitter, Owen Miller, hit a sacrifice fly to drive in the final run of the inning and the night, to win 11-10. Guardians Broadcast announcer Rick Manning was livid over Gimenez bunting the runner from second to third with no outs. However, Owen Miller has done a fantastic job sac flying runners in all season long, and that's exactly what Miller did on the first pitch he saw.

This was the first time since 1928 that the Guardians won a game in which the opposing team scored runs in each of the first five innings.
On a personal note, I was playing Beat the Streak and out of the 18 starters, 17 got hits. Naturally I picked one right, and one wrong. I could have picked any other starter on either team and had both of my picks right. And, as if that wasn't bad enough, the only player to not get a hit, that I picked, was Twins lead off hitter who was hitting .364 at the start of play. lol. Highest batting average among all 18 starters was the only one to not get a hit. I wonder how often that happens.

Los Angeles Emmy winning Producer Alessandro Machi combines his editing, camera and observational skills to provide unique insights into the World of Sports.