Saturday, November 19, 2022

OSU and Michigan Fans should be rooting for both teams to win their final game before the 2022 OSU vs Michigan match-up.

A funny thing happened on the way to the 2022 Ohio State vs Michigan match-up. It turns out the best case playoff scenario for both Ohio State and Michigan is for both teams to be undefeated heading into the final game of the season between Ohio State and Michigan.

OSU fans who are rooting for Illinois to defeat Michigan the week before the 2022 OSU vs Michigan game should use their college education and think it through again.

If Illinois beats Michigan, Michigan's barely possible path to the playoffs is to beat OSU which would give Michigan the tie breaker over OSU and a path for Michigan to back into the number four playoff spot.

The same scenario holds true for Michigan fans who want to see Maryland beat OSU one week before the 2022 OSU vs Michigan game. If OSU loses to Maryland then a one loss OSU team must beat Michigan to both gain the tiebreaker over Michigan and to also have a chance to rebound in the ratings and slip back into the playoffs in the four spot.

However, if both OSU and Michigan are undefeated when they play each other, it is possible that both teams can still make the playoffs. In other words, if both teams are undefeated when they face each other both teams may be able to make the playoffs no matter who loses as long as it is a well played game by both teams.

For those who disagree, let us not forget the years when Alabama or Georgia would lose against each other yet both would still make the playoffs.

Here's rooting that both OSU and Michigan remain undefeated going into their final game of the 2022 regular season against each other.


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