Saturday, April 22, 2023

How an almost NCAA Football Championship Winning QB's stock has fallen because he doesn't play video games well.

I bet if I could look at the "S-2" video test that CJ Stroud allegedly tanked I would figure out why it is a flawed test. How about this, the test can isolate QB's who are going to be great, while missing others who are also going to be great. In other words, If a QB takes the test and does well with flying colors, then its a nice security blanket for a team to rely on. If a QB does not do well on the test, it just means they don't have that particular security blanket, and that's all it should mean.

Just How close to CJ Stroud come to willing his team to a victory against Georgia and setting up an NCAA  Football 2023 finals match-up with TCU? When he made that spectacular 35 yard scramble that brought OSU to just barely out of field goal range with time running out, he most likely was exhausted. But his coach did not know what to do at that point and the team frittered away the next 3 plays, barely gaining a couple of yards. This in turn caused the Field Goal kicker to over kick the ball and shank it left.

Stroud has done too many good things in his career at OSU to be red flagged by a computer screen. My only reservation would be that because at the NFL level the game moves faster, maybe that is what the S-2 test is able to simulate. None the less, I look forward to seeing CJ Stroud prove the S-2 Separates the real men from A.I.


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