Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Did improved Football Helmet Technology contribute to Damar Hamlin's grave injury?

The goal to make NFL Helmets increasingly stronger may have played a role in the Damar Hamlin's grave injury. Irrespective of what is being said, if Damar Hamlin's type of injury has never come up before covering ten's of thousands of games over the past few decades, then one has to consider what is relatively new over the past few years.

I personally don't think that COVID or the COVID vaccine played a role. So what else is relatively new? Improved helmet technology has been an ongoing quest by NFL. The NFL has even run commercials touting the new and improved helmets. 

A couple years ago I made a series of youtube videos discussing the issue of targeting in the NFL / NCAA....that if helmets keep being made stronger and shock absorbent, it may actually make NFL players feel "safer" using their helmets to make tackles. Ironically, in this instance it was the ball carrier who was able to use their new age helmets to try and break free for a few extra yards, striking Mr. Hamlin in the chest area. Ultimately, making helmets indestructible may encourage football players to lead with their helmets both on offense and defense.

I had suggested making helmets out of some type of collapsible, shock absorption material. The moment of impact between a reinforced helmet and either another reinforced helmet, or a human body, is still a lose, lose scenario. Helmet collapsibility is the key to increased NFL / NCAA football technology safety.

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