Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Comparing the top paid player between the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Guardians, and Cleveland Cavaliers.

When I compare the top paid player for the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Guardians, and Cleveland Cavaliers, only 1 of the 3 warms my heart.

DeShaun Watson was traded for and the price was very high, both in draft picks and also in salary, and the longevity of the contract was basically for 4 and 1/3 years.

Donovan Mitchell apparently is biding his time until he becomes a free agent so he can go to the New York Knicks or maybe the Los Angeles Lakers. Trading for Mitchell also required giving up several first round picks and a bunch of talent in the other direction that has flourished.

And then there is Jose Ramirez. Jose signed a solid deal, probably left 25% to 30% on the table by not having his services bid on by multiple teams, and no players were traded to keep him.

I hope both Guardians fans AND Guardians ownership respect Jose's window of greatness and try and create a World Series push while Jose is in his prime. This push wold require trying to get Josh Naylor to back up Jose, with the hope that other young talent matures quickly enough to put a solid offense and defense on the field. 

Here's wishing Shane Bieber also goes along with the plan.

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