Wednesday, December 22, 2021

A year after Sportscam Detective said it, Tom Brady advocates rules change regarding helmet to knee tackling.

A year earlier Sportscam Detective (aka Alessandro Machi), was making the exact same complaint about helmet to knee tackling as Tom Brady is now making. Sportscam Detective also mentioned how using the helmet to knock out the ball carrier who then fumbles the ball while unconscious still counts as a FUMBLE is dispicable!  

I also questioned using the helmet to spear the football since it is basically identical to a kamikazee style of play because if the NFL tackler misses contacting the football with their helmet they are going to do serious damage to the ball carrier body.

In the video I also mention that as helmet technology improves, the player fearlessness to helmet hunt is increased. While inroads are being made, I watched my Brownies lose to Kansas City in the Playoffs because a KC player head hunted the ball carrier causing a concussion and then an out of the end zone fumble that returned the ball to KC and allowed KC to get a field goal. The 10 point differential cost the Browns the playoff game last year yet no rule changes came forth.

I don't know which is worse, the fact that the NFL failed the Brownies, or that in the following offseason NOTHING was done to fix the obvious targeting flaw of allowing a targeted hit to the helmet that causes a concussion which causes a fumble to be non reviewable.

The NFL is proving to be too slow to correct and improve the safety of their game. It's because of their inbred style of decision making that creates elongated time delays before improvements are implemented. 

Yes, I am available for NFL consulting. Just saying it.

Los Angeles Emmy winning Producer Alessandro Machi combines his editing, camera and observational skills to provide unique insights into the World of Sports.

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