Friday, April 15, 2022

Cleveland Ardians and Jose Ramirez agree to a partially front loaded 7 year deal, Almost as Sportscam Detective had suggested in previous article.

When I first heard the Cleveland Dians had signed Jose Ramirez to a 5 year contract extension, I felt Cleveland had earned their new name that starts with Gu.

When I heard the Cleveland Dians had actually been willing to front load Jose Ramirez's contract, I definitely felt the Dians had earned the Guar at the front.

However, The Cleveland Dians almost followed Sportscam Dectectives advice from my prior article on this site.  Almost, and for that reason, because they just could not do a solid and could only do the partial right thing, I am going to expand to the Cleveland Ardians. 

Perhaps the Cleveland Ardians lost a lot of money from COVID-19 and they just can't afford to completely front load Jose Ramirez's contract as I suggested, so they offered half of what I suggested, Front loading the first year of Jose's contract, and then dropping back down the following year and slowly incrementing up each and every year.

This is absolute NONSENSE. Jose Ramirez is in his prime. The Ardians should have offered the following.... 22, 22, 22, 22, 22, 15, 15. It's actually 1 million less but it FAIRLY front loads 17 million dollars instead of the approximately 10 million the way the contract is actually constructed. Front loaded money allows a ballplayer to re-invest and actually make more long term profit. It's probably the best way for smaller market teams to compete with the larger market teams.

This isn't just about the amount of the contract. It's about paying a player what he is worth when he is in his prime and then backing it down just a bit as he gets older but is still productive. As the contract is presently constructed, Jose's final year with the Indians, when it is quite possible his overall contributions will be less than they are now, he will be paid the most!

Six years from now fans with short attention spans may think Jose is selfish for being paid so much money at an older age when it was Jose Ramirez who produced so much more when he was in his prime. 

Pay the man what he is worth in his prime, now, with the knowledge that the final two years are at a lower salary, which makes a lot of sense.  Jose has been so steady and reliable for so many years that logic, AlexLOGIC dictates that the 21 million a year for the next five years, when he is in prime, is the Guardian thing to do.

You can study the foolishness the Ardians created for Jose Ramirez below. Counting every dollar in a way that is not in the interest of the player means I will not be using the GU whenever I write about the Ardians. Consider it my form of protest over not doing the right thing and front loading Jose's contract in a more equitable manner.

Mark my words, when this contract is in its final 2 years, and the Indians have to pay Jose Ramirez 22 million and 25 million dollars and as a result perhaps cannot make another Jose Ramirez type of deal to a future up and coming star, we will all see how unnecessarily selfish this deal was.

As you can see 

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