Thursday, February 11, 2021

The Cleveland Beltways, why I like that as the new name for the Cleveland Indians.

There are several reasons that remind me why I like the name The Cleveland Beltways as the new name for the disappearing Cleveland Indians. Not every reason is something to brag about,  however the reasons cited below do give character, history, and some bragging rights for the name, The Cleveland Beltways.
  • Cleveland and the surrounding communities have several connections to Beltways, some from the past that represent where Cleveland evolved from, some going forward, and some remarkable beltways that are a hallmark to Cleveland and the envy of those who have experienced them.
  • In the previous century those who had to experience the drive into Cleveland from the suburbs encountered some very smelly smoke stacks, a smog beltway that thankfully no longer operates in that manner.
  • Cleveland was once considered part of the Midwest Industrial Beltway.
  • Presently, Cleveland is considered part of the rust beltway area of the country.
  • Very close to Cleveland is the Magical Snow Beltway in which north of one particular road, snow will fall because of the Lake Erie effect while on the south side of the same road, no snow will fall. I was able to witness this phenomena as a teenager growing up in Cleveland. I recall reaching this particular intersection (whose name escapes me now) and looking across the intersection and seeing big snowflakes dropping out of the sky like fly balls in the outfield. Yet on my side of the intersection as I was waiting for the light to change, nothing, no snow, no rain, no wind, just a gentle silence. After quickly checking to see if there were any cars coming up from behind me, I think I actually waited several seconds after the light turned green before grudgingly driving across the intersection and into the Snow Beltway. It was truly hypnotic to witness a Snow Beltway, as if one had actually reached the beginning of a rainbow.
  • What better way to tribute the Cleveland Beltways own Tom Hamilton for every home run call Hamilton has belted out over the airwaves and into the stands at Jacobs Field and then Progressive Field. On occasion Mr. Hamilton's home run beltway calls have even infiltrated the television feeds of the game.
  • Cleveland and the surrounding necklace of freeways have a certain beltway feel to them as they provide vital links between the network of suburban rural roadways and Downtown, Cleveland.
  • Not to be forgotten are the Cleveland Metroparks, an extensive series of nature preserve links that encircle Cleveland in a beltway that is the envy of those who have moved away from Cleveland and vividly remember the Metro Parks and all of their living vitality.
  • If and when the Cleveland Beltways do win their first World Series with their new name, It will probably be a Belt and a Bunt (courtesy of Manning and Underwood) that makes it happen.
While the name Beltway may not have the initial lure of other Sports Team Names, it seems evident that Cleveland is the Beltway capital of the U.S., and most certainly Ohio.

Los Angeles Emmy winning Producer and Editor Alessandro Machi combines his editing, camera and observational skills to provide unique insights into the World of Sports.

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