Friday, May 8, 2020

Out of Respect to the NHL, NBA, and MLB,... NFL and NCAA football should alternate weekend schedules for the 2020 Fall Season.

The headline is my article.  

The NFL should play every other week with NCAA football for the 2020 fall season.

This would give MLB, NBA, and the NHL a chance to have a shortened 2020 season, but possibly finish their seasons. As it stands now, the NFL and the NCAA will not only have not taken any kind of a real hit from the 2020 Pandemic that shut down the world, but they will also be infringing on multiple other Sports empires from having any kind of a meaningful shortened season.

The right thing for the NFL and NCAA to do would be to cut their seasons in half so they don't completely dominate and squeeze what might be left of the NHL, NBA and MLB 2020 seasons.

But on top of that, in the event the flu and COVID-19 comes back this fall, assuming improved initial treatment ballistics, players may literally test positive after a game, go into quarantine for a week, and then begin getting ready for their next game because of the 14 day time span between games. Yes, sounds crazy now, but it might not sound so crazy for the Fall football season of 2020 if COVID-19 and the flu season comes around.

Even if NHL, NBA and MLB were to cancel their 2020 seasons, an alternating schedule for both the NFL and the NCAA may still make sense since it would give both sports a chance to play on even if there was a moderate resurgence of COVID and the season flu. This of course assumes that our Medical field is able to improve their initial virus triaging, which in my personal opinion believe is very possible.

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